The Safety Of Your Vehicle Depends On Properly Installed & Maintained Brakes.

It is important to have your brakes inspected for your safety and the safety of everyone who rides in your vehicle. We recommend a brake inspection every 15,000 miles or every other oil change to help prevent costly brake repairs down the road.

We offer brake service and repairs on brake pads, rotors, and calipers on any foreign and domestic vehicle.

Your brakes can make many different noises to let you know that you need a brake service. Below are the most common signs that you are in need of a brake repair.

Symptoms And Solutions

Symptom: My brakes make a screeching noise when I press the brake pedal.
Solution: Replace brake pads; there is an indicator on your brake pad alerting you that your pads are low and need to be replaced immediately.

Symptom: My steering wheel vibrates and shakes when I press the brake pedal.
Solution: Replace brake rotors; steering wheel vibration is the result of warped brake rotors.

Symptom: I have a soft brake pedal; it takes me a long time to come to a stop.
Solution: Perform a brake fluid flush, have brake pads and rotors checked for wear.

Symptom: When I apply my emergency brake, it feels loose and won’t hold my car in place.
Solution: Adjust your emergency brake; have drum and E-Brake pads inspected for wear.

Symptom: I have a brake warning light on my dash.
Solution: Have your brake system checked for low brake fluid, proper E-brake functionality, or low brake pads.