1. Must Know Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Brakes

    No one wants to spend money on repairing or replacing their brakes on a frequent basis. Even scarier is the prospect of total brake failure while operating your vehicle. At some point, your brakes will wear out, but you can help your brakes last longer by implementing these easy driving tips. 1. Watch the road ahead When you are driving at high speeds, it is important that you watch the road ahead…Read More

  2. Auto Brakes 101

    If you’re not very savvy when it comes to cars and how they work, your knowledge of your vehicle’s braking system may not extend beyond, “When I push the brake pedal down, it makes my car slow down.” That’s okay! That’s what the reliable brake service experts here at Brake Time are here for! We have the experience, knowledge, and expertise needed to inspect and repair the brakes on any…Read More

  3. What If My Brakes Fail While I’m Driving?

    Can you imagine driving down a familiar road and stepping on your brakes only to find that nothing happens? Brake failure is a rare occurrence with only about 5 percent of US accidents caused by it per year. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with preparing for the unexpected. Keep reading to learn what steps you should take if you ever encounter a brake failure. If your brakes are making st…Read More

  4. Why Choose Brake Time?

    Many vehicle owners get nervous when they have to take their cars into their local mechanics, and with all of the deception that happens within this industry, it’s not difficult to understand why. Customers deserve honest, fast, and affordable service for their vehicles, but what they often get at dealerships and chain mechanics is highly inflated prices paired with unnecessary maintenance recom…Read More